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Fire Up Your Life

Kurek Ashley
CDs & Workbook - $199.00
Fire Up Your Life 6 CD Set
6 x CD Program + 52 Pg Manual

Massive Momentum

Kurek Ashley
DVDs & Workbook - $699.00
Massive Momentum 7 Set DVD
7 x DVD Program + 200 pg workbook

Living The Awakened Life

Michael Beckwith
USD $97.00
Your Complete Spiritual Support Program

Your Personal Breakthrough

Christopher Howard
$39.00 incl postage in Australia

7 CDs plus Workbook/Manual.

The Power

Rhonda Byrne
Via Amazon
By Rhonda Byrne, The Author of The Secret !!

The Money Mirror

Rae Brent
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'The Money Mirror is an excellent combination of inspirational and spiritual soul food, and practical steps and planning techniques.'
Foreword by Bob Proctor, Featured Teacher in 'The Secret'