Chen Tay

Chen Tay

Chen Tay is a Strategic Adviser to Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Seminar Leaders. He is committed to “connecting” people to opportunities and believes that many people have the knowledge and skills but lack the opportunity to express their true self. He has worked behind the scenes with big players such as Mal Emery, Pat Mesiti, Rick Otton and is highly regarded and respected as “one of the most influential minds in the industry.”
His ability to cut to the core of the problem and leverage current assets allows his clients to get outstanding results. Chen has been referred to as “Yoda” for his intuitive ability to sense and discover hidden opportunities for his clients.
He loves the challenge to innovate and reinvent brands and people to match the market in changing times. When you align the the right business model and marketing strategy, this is often the switch that opens the flood gates for new income and new opportunities for growth.

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Entrepreneurial Duality...

17 October 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

It’s been a great weekend. While my wife was away on a Chiropractic conference in Cairns, the boys and I had a great time.

No agenda, no rules and no expectations.

Life’s greatest lessons are often taught through contrast.

Entrepreneur Entitlement....

10 October 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

The Weekend Financial Review says “we’re becoming a nation of entrepreneurs as more people seek to run their own business...Be Your Own Boss”.

How many times have you heard this conversation recently?

The Be Your Own Boss crowd isn’t new.

In fact, for many people, it’s this entrepreneurial spark that makes people quit their jobs and start their own business.

Long weekend For Sports...

03 October 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

This must have been one of the greatest weekends for sport. With two football finals, cricket in India and the start of the commonwealth games.

I love sports.

It’s a form of live theatre. The characters, the story and the scene sets up the action and drama that unfolds.

Mid Week Bonus Edition CWC

29 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

I love putting on events. Earlier this year, I organized the first ever TedxByronBay and it was an incredible success. However, not all events are easy to produce. Too many events have flooded the market.

These events are engineered for sales and the educational process has been corrupted by “door to door” salesman on stage. People who tell you how to achieve the ultimate lifestyle,while they slug around the world every weekend on stage selling their wares. Hmmm, isn’t that interesting.

Bridge Over Education...

26 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

Education. The multi-billion dollar industry that we all go through, but what did you actually learn? Did you actually enjoy school? I loved school. For me, it was an escape. When you are raised in poverty, education becomes your ticket to freedom.

I got serious about school very early in life. And still continue to do so. If you have attended seminars, read books or bought further education programs, then there’s a good chance you’ll probably buy more.

While I love educating my mind, there’s nothing worse than being an “over-educated, under-achiever”. Great education allows you to discover your true self whereas outdated education breeds a sense of entitlement and status.

Finally, OUTRAGEOUS book available...

25 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

I wanted to share an email that I recently received. If you have struggled with marketing and would like a different approach, then listen to BILL GLAZER. In fact, I bough thirty copies of his books for clients and it comes highly recommend.

You see, we’re always trying to capture the attention of our customers and prospects and that’s not always easy to do, but today I have GREAT NEWS…

Eat, Love, Eat...

19 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

It’s been great having mum visit us for the week. It’s been a joy for the boys. And we have appreciated the amazing food all week. It’s like having your own ChinaTown at home. I noticed there were extra lunch sessions booked in as both Margaret and I invited friends over to share in the feast.

There’s nothing better than sharing great food with great friends…it creates a culture of appreciation and gratitude which grows you for life.

I believe there is greatness in you. And part of your journey is to discover your core gifts and talents.

Once revealed, you can turn your idea or opportunity and impact others with your journey of experience and knowledge. A path of greatness begins with a leap towards legacy. It’s about impacting one person, planting the first seed or inspiring the first client.

The Ultimate Prize...

12 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

What’s the ultimate prize for the entrepreneur?

Think about it. Is it about your building your business, is it creating your wealth or is it more about creating a legacy that lives beyond you.

When you get clear on what you want, the people, resources and opportunities appear.

Recently I did a VIP coaching day with a client and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for her. The lightbulbs went off all day, it was a loads of fun. It provided her with a “strategic direction” for her business and a fresh perspective to towards her goals.

What is your ultimate prize?

Thank You: In Times Of Change...

05 September 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

Thank you for all the posts, messages and txt's for my 32nd Birthday on Thursday. I had a great day filled with fun and adventure. And the journey continues with camping for Father's Day. While I never really celebrated birthdays when I was younger, I always loved reflecting on what I had achieved each year. However, the last five years has been more about who I have become. So if you missed the video, take a moment and watch it now: (I've noticed many people have said to me they had to watch it twice. Once for the pictures and the second time, for the words. It's amazing how songs can stir our soul.)

Living Leaders...

29 August 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

Great leaders choose media platforms that allow them to deliver their message with impact. What do you prefer to do? Do you like to write, speak, have your own tv show, radio show, podcast, book, magazine, newsletter, cd of month etc. Choosing the right media to deliver your message to your market magnifies your ability to influence and leverages your strengths. Where do you want to make an impact?

Special Mid-Week Edition of CWC

22 August 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There,

This week, I've decided to repost something I've been thinking about. I've discovered the entrepreneur path consists of high highs and low lows and sometimes it's difficult to know where you are at. I think this message is important for those who put high standards on themselves and fail to see the "greatness" of their achievements.

This week's message comes from Leela Cosgrove, creator of the Renegade Rockstar Roadshow and a featured TedxByronBay speaker. I feel her message captures the essence of high achievers and it's important to remind yourself that you have everything you need to succeed right now.

Enjoy her article below:

Shape You...

22 August 2010. By: Chen Tay

Hey There, In a few weeks, I’ll turn 32. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I wanted to share some insights with you over the next month. I think some things may surprise you. While it only feels like yesterday that I graduated from Chiropractic College (2001), so much has happened. Got married, 2 kids, traveled around the world, work with great clients and about to build a dream home. What have you achieved in the last 10 years? If you have time, write a list down and you may be surprised with your answers.