11 December 2010

The Story So Far...

| Chen Tay

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Firstly, thanks for all the words of support with my recent decision. It will be a great challenge and I look forward to it.

I noticed that several members didn't know the history of PowWow Events so I prepared a little article to keep you informed of the story so far. Enjoy! (Think of it as your one episode of Neighbours a year...)

The PowWow Story...

PowWow was born in 1994 by entrepreneurs Peter Johnson (PJ) and Suzi Dafnis. They ran wealth creation events both nationally and internationally.

At it’s prime, PowWow was considered the premiere wealth creation company with promoting big names like Robert Kiyosaki, John Burley, Blair Singer, Stephanie Burns among it’s impressive line up of speakers.

During 2007, Michelle Falzon took over as CEO of PowWow and continued to grow the company with international speakers and a growing lineup of local talent.

Michelle developed a great marketing platform for PowWow to spread it’s message and added amazing resources for continuing education.

During 2009, PowWow was bought by a financial group, however that company went into liquidation which left PowWow in limbo and on life support.

While several people have tried to revive the business after the departure of Michelle, the lack of marketing expertise and relationships in the industry meant that PowWow became another “me-too” seminar company.

In February 2010, Ronnie Kagan purchased the PowWow business and while it ran several events, no one addressed the elephant in the room.

The truth is PowWow lost its identity and became just another seminar company. Why this happened is not important but what needs to happen is our priority.

We need to bring back value, innovation and trust back to our members.

Let me be clear...under the new leadership and team, PowWow is NOT in the seminar business. The focus on the seminar business is what caused the demise of PowWow.

We are shifting our brand value, creating core products that will solve our members most pressing problems and provide a supportive environment to learn and grow.

Our vision is that PowWow Events is a leading innovative education community that supports expanding ideas for growth.

In the new education era, I feel members want more collaboration, not competition. More connection, not division. And more value, not just transactions.

In a sea of mediocrity, it’s easy to do the same things over and over again. It may be lonely on the leading edge of innovation but that’s where the growth is. You will see us try new things and add more value to the community.

While we understand that not everyone will be happy with the changes, we are also conscious of the importance on growing. Afterall, you are either growing or dying and that decision will be driven by the choices you make today.

For the first time ever, we will be introducing new technology, customizing programs and asking for your regular feedback to ensure we meet you at the level of your current journey.

Our philosophy is simple, you have the goods and want the opportunity to demonstrate your best. PowWow is a platform for people to prosper by adding value into the lives of others.

Remember, you can create systems in business but you can never take the human element out.

The old ways of business are being questioned and challenged every day and we need to engage in new solutions to connect and convert our customers.

By engaging the whole community, you will find the right information, resources and relationships that can help you grow. I am looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to add value to your life.

Powered By Passion,

Chen Tay
Managing Director
PowWow Events

P.S This is a bonus issue of CWC...you will still get the regular issue on Sunday night. Have a great weekend! (Off to the cricket now...)

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