07 November 2010

Your Ultimate Gift...

| Chen Tay

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Hey There,

What’s your core gift? Too many people waste their time in the startup phase by trying to transform their weaknesses into strengths. Stop it!

The most successful entrepreneurs leverage their business around their strengths. And the more they develop their gifts, the more they rely on their intuition.

Your core gift is part of your personal purpose that fuels your life. It’s not based your skills or talents. It’s not what you have achieved or what you plan to do.

As you dig deeper, you’ll find common words and themes that appear regularly in your life. These can be seen from your childhood to the current situations you face.

What did you consistently do for fun?

Which section of the bookstore do you always visit?

What times did you experience the “zone”?

I often ask my clients to ask their family, friends or colleagues about what they think your strength, passions and talents are. And also, what words describe you. It’s a great exercise

Once you have isolated your core gift, write it down and reflect on it. How many times has this gift shown in your life. And more importantly, what are the benefits of your core gift?

Because at the end of the day, the customer is buying you. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, they are buying “trust wrapped around you”. (this is a key distinction I share with my high profile clients)

And here’s the exciting part. Find ways to leverage your core gift into a business. If your core gift solves a problem, you can build a business around it.

I often get asked about my personal productivity. Many clients are amazed at the amount of information I consume. While there are lots of productivity tools and strategies out there, I wanted to share the top questions on my list:

What have I done today?

What have I done last week?

What have I done last month?

What have you I this year?

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be accountable for your actions and decisions everyday.

While it may be a challenge to balance your life, it’s important to have a “working model” that allows you to achieve what you want in life. I have personal mentors and advisers that I model and learn from.

I constantly ask myself, who do I have to BE in order to achieve the things I want? That’s one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself because it drives your actions, decisions and behavior.

Lastly, I was invited to a private webinar as part of my TEDx organizer training. There was one slide that captured the essence of TED and why I love being part of the TED community. Here it is for you: (my gift…)

“ideas that lead to conversation,
conversation that leads to collaboration,
collaboration that leads to action”

Your speed of bridging the gap from ideas to implementation determines your destiny. That’s why I love masterminds, consulting one on one and connecting with people.

It’s amazing how just one idea, one strategy or one opportunity can really change a life. That’s why seminars are so powerful because they have the ability to “transform” lives.

Nothing is missing…true power lies in releasing resistance.

Live Your Legacy,


P.S I need your help. I’m looking for sponsors for “Conversations with Chen”. Due to my current clients and projects, it looks like CWC may have to be a monthly edition in 2011. A few members have suggested a paid or premium edition. I’m open to ideas. If you enjoy getting CWC, please private message me your thoughts. I would appreciate it. Thanks again for your continual support. Next week, I have some very exciting news for members who want to achieve more on the fast track…

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