24 October 2010

In The Shadows Of Value...

| Chen Tay

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Hey There,

This weekend, I've been slammed with emails and phone calls from clients and friends about the state of the seminar game.

Although I'm not a promoter or speaker, my private clients rely on me to deliver strategy to ensure their event or presentation is maximized for the best results.

This weekend, I've been strategizing for events in 2011, created two powerpoint/keynote presentations that will deliver six-figure results for clients and scheduled a VIP Coaching Day with a private client. (and even managed to fit in two games of cricket...woohoo)

But it was a facebook post that stopped me in my tracks:

"Feeling a bit saddened watching people looking for the magic pill that will 'fix' their lives & give them happiness for only $xxx"

It happens nearly every weekend now. People lining up to buy success. People willing to delegate their responsibility for work and blame others for seducing them to buy the "magic pill". (Note: install better filtering system...)

You see, in this game, if you don't have full emotional equity in your tanks, you will be "broken" and incredibly frustrated in this game.

So, instead of adding fuel to the fire, I'm going to be counter-intuitive and provide a powerful solution. Read my reply to the post below.

Here's my reply/comments to the Facebook post below:

"(It's important to) know your strategy. You can't lose by giving value. Value is not telling your story and then pitching.

It's a widespread platform problem. Real education is drawn out from within not acquired externally.

Value is in relationships. It's about giving back and adding value to someone's life.

It's about lifting them up on their journey because someone lifted you up when you were starting out.

The wealth creation game will never be mainstream because while there is a small percentage of success, the collateral damage is too great.

Too many hopes fade and dreams destroyed when speakers promise so much and yet deliver so little.

Meet people at the level where they are at, not where you currently are. (Communicate from where they are, not what they will experience...)

Values collide when you start to believe that flogging your goods, week in-week out, is the ultimate lifestyle.

I've always said, if you decide to play this game, respect others and add value.

There's no ego is hoping you succeed when someone falls.

The truth is, when one person gets exposed, the whole market suffers. (and if you don't believe me, just wait for the next case study...)

Here's my challenge to all the great people in the game and those who have posted here: Janet, Pam, Jen, Lindy, Pauline...if someone has bought something at a pitch event, and if they qualify for your time, then help them.

A phone call, an email or coffee can change a life. I've seen that many times working behind the scenes. In the age of authenticity, it doesn't matter how much a star shines, there's always a shadow.

Embracing the shadow of truth allows you to help others face light. For when you succeed, you create a platform for others to follow...never forget that."


Nothing is missing...It's never crowded on the leading edge...

Live Your Legacy,


P.S My dream of establishing the STEPUP MASTERMIND is getting closer to reality. Imagine a platform and environment that allows winners to "win more". That supports your growth and development. Thank you for all your support. Soon, all the information will be released on a special website. Please keep posting your comments and sending me those private messages. I appreciate it. div

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