26 December 2010

Moments Of Joy...

| Chen Tay

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I hope you had a great Christmas celebrations with your family and friends. I always love the morning whispers of joy and excitement as the kids wake up and discover the surprises in their Santa sacks.

Beyond happiness, there is joy. And whether you are a child or big child at heart, the feeling of joy is always amazing. Joy is internal. It comes from within and is the true expression of the alignment of your heart and mind.

With the year coming to an end, it’s important to reflect on what you have achieved and learnt this year.

If you uncover the major breakthroughs and lessons, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Plus, you will create a strong foundation for the new year and beyond.

I am a serious lifetime student and this has allowed me to establish an unique perspective in this industry.

I've had several leaders leave amazing messages of how I contributed to their businesses and lives and it's very humbling.

So today, I want to share some of these lessons with you. Here's my gifts of lessons learned this year:

* You cannot inspire people based on negative energy in any form (hate, revenge, jealousy etc)

* You cannot give what you don’t have

* Always go back to the original communication when there’s a misunderstanding or disagreement

* Greed kills all partnerships...eventually.

* Discover your message, develop your voice and leverage your strengths

What are your biggest lessons learned? What lesson would you love to share with people. Please take the time and share them with me. Please send me a private message.

When you set new goals in 2011, do something different. Unless of course, you have found a system that works.

If you haven't, I would focus on 1 - 3 major goals. I have had to narrow my focus due to my new role and goals. And I have found that the more you focus, the more you can accomplish.

I am grateful for the opportunity and excited to harvest from the great seeds I have planted in the last decade. What have you done in the last decade?

Think about your life. The last decade:
* I graduated as a Chiropractor (with a business degree)
* I married an amazing woman and soul mate
* I bought a business (2 Chiropractic practices)
* I bought investment properties
* I had the gift of two beautiful boys
* I bought a home and sold that home
* I traveled the world from UK, Asia and USA
* I'm in the process of building a dream home
* I've bought into a seminar company

And while I have done so much already, I realize there's plenty more to do. I love being a constant "work in progress" and I love serving the bigger vision.

I've noticed that while the faces and names change in my life, the characters are always the same.

When you are aligned with your purpose and make decisions with actions based on "behavioral congruency", the path to prosperity occurs so quickly and abundantly that you wonder where it has been in all those lean years.

I don’t know what 2011 has installed for you, but I can assure you of several things:

* There will be a constant battle for your attention
* There will be great opportunities to invest in
* There will be great learning experiences that will expand your consciousness
* You will be disappointed
* You will be challenged
* You will grow
* You will meet new people who will shark or shine you
* You will have at least ONE defining moment

My only wish is you discover who you are and can convey with clarity, what you want in life?

As 2011 approaches, remember one very important thing...You are a creator. If you are not creating, you are out of alignment.

If you don’t put yourself first and create space for you to learn and grow, then 2011 will just be another year.

I encourage you to buy “The Pledge” by Michael Masterson as a gift for yourself in the new year.

Create moments for your family, your friends and your clients.

For it’s these moments that will stay with you for life.

Nothing is missing...Live, Love and Legacy.

Live Your Legacy,


P.S To new clients, business partners and community members, I look forward to sharing the journey on the “insiders track”.

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