12 December 2010

The Greatest Secret Ever…

| Chen Tay

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Hey There,

What a week?

Thank you for all your kind words of support. I really feel inspired by the private messages, txts and phone messages I have been receiving on a daily basis.

And I have great news to report back to you. While I inherited a “dead” list, I’m pleased to announce that we have a “pulse”! (Woohoo!!!)

The first email campaign was a huge success with over 976 responses to the survey so far. We were expecting 100. Some people have told me that this could be the largest survey completed in the personal development/wealth creation game.

All we know is that the feedback has been simply amazing…

But enough about me, let’s get back to you.

Today, I want to share with you “The Greatest Success Secret Ever…”

Okay, it sounds hypey and most of the know-it-alls have probably tuned out already. But I really want to share this with you. Consider it my special gift to you.

It’s taken me over a decade to appreciate and practice this concept in my life. And it’s only been in the last 9 months that I have really understood it’s impact.

If you have read many success books, listened to audios, invested in homestudy courses and attended seminars, then you would know that the secret to success is “action”.

You gotta take ACTION. You’ve it heard it many times before. And each time, it reminds you, are you taking action on what you see, hear and learn today?

And yet, after all these years of action, are you any better off?

For most, the answer is definitely YES. For others, it’s unsuprisingly NO. And for a few, well…it’s SORT OF? Sound familiar.

Listen, there’s many directions I can take this conversation but I want to focus clearly on one concept. And I believe if you really understand this, you will change your life and experience a whole new level of appreciation and gratitude.

So what is the greatest success secret ever?

Are you ready? Here it is…

“Aligned Actions”

When you take “aligned actions”, you attract more people, resources and relationships in your life. You can reach your destination faster and progress along your path with certainty and confidence when you take aligned actions.

You will experience a whole new level of energy and focus. You will be inspired and flood your heart with a desire that will fuel you body and mind and nourish your soul.

“Aligned Actions”

Listen, I’m not here to prove you right. I’m here to share something that has not only helped me grow…but expand my depth and distinction.

So many people in this game keep growing but reach a point where they max out. They lack the innovation and ‘emotional’ support to expand further.

Real education is not a “box-solution” but an ongoing process to discover your core self. It’s confronting when you expel all excuses and realize you have everything you need right now.

So the first step to taking aligned actions, is to define your “life purpose”.

What’s your working model for your “life purpose”?

Do you have one?

And that’s a conversation we’ll continue next time.

Nothing is missing…being humble is better than being right.

Live Your Legacy,


P.S I want to share the Learn, Leverage, Love framework with you:

Live to learn to expand your mind with knowledge, skills and experience.
Leverage your strengths to increase your influence, impact and income
Live to love by magnifying the meaning in your relationships

P.P.S Keep a lookout for a special email in the middle of the week…

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