29 March 2011

Wake Up With Purpose...

| Chen Tay

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Hey There, 

Are you living life by “design” or “default”? 

Do you get up every day and do the same thing over and over again and wonder why things don’t change for you?

Or do you wake up each day with nothing planned and go through the day as you please, on your terms? 

While many would prefer the second scenario, there’s actually no right or wrong answer because each scenario represents and reflects different value systems. Let me explain. 

Doing “work” everyday accumulates knowledge, skills and experience. It gives you the foundations to pursue your dream.

It’s doing work that isn’t aligned with your values, beliefs and goals corrodes your soul. 

Doing work on your terms sounds great, however, if you stay in your comfort zone, there’s a great chance you’ll stay stuck.

It’s only when you challenge yourself, you can liberate your greatness from within. I remember a story that went something like this... 

A man approached a construction site and sensed something big was going on there.

So he asked the first bricklayer, “What are you building?”. 

The first bricklayer responded, “I’m laying bricks, one at a time.”

But the man sensed there was something greater. 

So he approached the second bricklayer and asked, “What are you building here?” 

The second bricklayer turned to him and said, “We are building this massive wall...” 

But still, the man sensed there was something greater. 

So he approached a third bricklayer and asked, “What are you building here?” 

The third bricklayer turned around with a glint in his eye and said, “We are building temple where people can come together and worship...” 

Which bricklayer are you? 
Are you “laying bricks, one at a time” in your job?
Are you “building a wall” with your business?
Are you “building a temple” with your visionary ideas? 

Whenever I take on projects, I often think about these questions. It’s important if you have a job, to do your best. Learn lots and build your essential skills, knowledge and experience that will take you further along your journey.

 If you are building a business, it’s important to attain mastery in one thing before you diversify. Little successes can build bigger successes over time. But you must experience that first win. Get that winning program installed in your system early on.

 If you are pursuing your vision, it’s important to build your team and leverage your strengths and talents. The synergy you create allows you to communicate and distribute your message to more people. As you achieve more results, more opportunities will cross your path. 

Your life journey is filled with principles, purpose and passion. If you stop and spend time on creating your life each morning, you will will wake up with purpose. A purpose-driven life fills your heart and nourishes your soul. Invest in yourself each morning and change your life today. 

I’m really enjoying a great book at the moment from a client, Gloria Hamilten from http://www.LifeMappingMastery.com/. I remember doing a consultation day with Gloria and Alpha last year and we uncovered the whole “Life Mapping Mastery” business that allowed Gloria to transfer her years of knowledge and experience into a products, programs and services. 

I highly recommend her book, “Wake Up and Live”. The best part of this book is all the little questions and exercises. It's like a seminar in a book. If you go through and do them, I guarantee you, it will be the best money you spend on personal development this year. 


Finally, a quick update. A few people have asked me about consulting again and I’ve set up a quick page on my website. This page won’t be available to the public and will only be available for a short time.


Why am I doing this? Well, I've had many questions lately about best practices and who to trust in this game. So many people have spent $15,000 - $30,000 and have been very disappointed. 

In an industry that has no accountability or regulation, I'm hoping this service will give people more direction and clarity. And for me, it's also a great chance to meet some upcoming industry heroes who want to spread their message. 

Remember, Nothing is missing...liberate your extraordinary talent. 

Live Your Legacy, 


P.S By popular requests, I'm testing a new service to publish a premium content email subscription for Conversation With Chen members. I can see a shift towards paid, curated, useful content instead of the mass free content online. 

Remember, you can consume all the "junk food" you want, but it will still feel empty. Check out this great video from Gary V about the "Thank You Economy..."


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