30 March 2011

Learning To Love...Again?

| Chen Tay

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Hey There,

Can you feel the love?

Love and passion fuels your projects, relationships and opportunities long before the rewards show up.

So, are you doing what you love?

For me, it’s about helping people, creating opportunities and leveraging your legacy.

I love the power of mastermind. I love “doers” who implement. I love “dreamers” who bridge their desires with aligned actions. I love Plan B’s that become bigger than Plan A.

I love my family, my wife and kids. They sprinkle my days with little bursts of joy. I love my mum and dad who continue to support me even though they don't know what I do.

The environment you create around you determines the growth within you. As I’m researching the market for new speakers and experts for Pow Wow, I’m reminded of our core vision.

“Inspiring Industry Heroes” is not just the new vision for Pow Wow events, but a fresh message to the market. (What’s your message to the marketplace?)

While it would be easy for me to run to “industry favourites” and “proven performers”, I’ve decided to stretch myself and find new talent and create a platform that supports you (the members) regardless of where you start your journey.

When you decide to take the entrepreneur path, you take responsibility and new risks which shapes your courage for growth.

It’s not an easy path and anyone who tells you so is lying. It questions every core fundamental you believe in and constantly tests your values.

Your leadership, communication style, sales and marketing skills are shaped on a daily basis as you pursue growth and opportunities.

Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend Stephanie Burn’s “Learning to Learn” event. It was a great program, full of insights, strategies and breakthroughs.

The way you learnt in school is outdated, however, we take those skills through out life without questioning them.

And unlike many other courses, you actually walk out with a skill that you can practice for life! I highly recommend her program.

Finally, here’s my personal pledge to you.

Conversations with Chen is about drawing out the best in you. I will share my perspective to create conversation, expose important processes and highlight areas in your life that may require attention.

An industry hero doesn’t go around telling people how good they are.

They knuckle down and do the work and over time, with the right opportunities and results, they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Too many people want to take the elevator to the penthouse of success and forget about taking that first step on the stairs.

Sure, it may take you longer, but feel the experience and depth you will develop and you learn and grow.

Too many people who fast track their journey often find bigger gaps and sink into despair when their world falls apart.

Relationships are broken, business opportunities dry up and they feel abandoned to fend for themselves again.

Discovering your true self is the best gift the wealth creation/personal development game has given me.

And I want to share that with you.

Nothing is missing...Lead with actions not words.

Live Your Legacy,


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