01 May 2011

Everyday A Little Death...

| Chen Tay

Everyday A Little Death...

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Hey There,

Everyday, something dies in you.

From the cells in your body, to lost opportunities or a forgotten dream.

With every little death, breeds a seed of opportunity. A resurrection of hope to become better and be a change agent for your community.

It is often said we fill our lives with our voids. We chase what we don’t have. We buy things we don’t need. And pursue opportunities to impress people we don’t like.

In this endless pursuit of perfection, we become so disconnected with ourselves, our goals and our dreams. It’s like something dies in us when we achieve our goals.

In the search for multiple streams of income, we lose our core stream of income.

In the process of growing your business, we lose vital team members.

In the art of improving yourself with personal development, we expose our broken relationships.

The layers of opportunity reveal the scars of predictability. T Harv Eker said, "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!"

Because behaviour rarely changes. While we think we may be in control, the reality is most of us are out of control.

When you deny yourself something, it will be expressed in other areas of your life.

Wealth creation attracts opportunists who are constantly “chasing” the magic pill.

Wealth education attracts strategists who are constantly looking for ways to expand their equity.

It’s a process we go through at various stages of life. It’s time to draw out your greatness and help others instead of buying into more false dreams and illusions.

The system is broken. The people have spoken. It’s time to take responsibility to innovate your life.

Recently I asked a successful entrepreneur what ‘drives’ him. At the start of his journey, it was all driven by money. Then he got married and it became all about the dream. Then he had kids and his focus changed to providing for his family.

While money initially fueled his desires, now he is driven by “contentment”. A process where he is grateful for what he has achieved and making the time to “experience” it.

When you accumulate achievements without recognition or rewards, it creates an addiction to ego and status.

While a healthy ego is an important foundation for potential leaders, I have observed that when you start to “buy” your own BS story, you lose accountability and responsibility.

And the down fall begins. You don’t need to be “exposed” to have a unhappy life. There are many other ways you can do it.

I don’t know any other ‘industry’ where you can totally “bag” someone and then be proud to share the stage with them. You gotta love this game!

So my advice this month is borrowed from Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Attraction principles.

First Step: Do something. When you take action, you create momentum.

Next Step: Be somewhere. When you connect with people, you can convert opportunity into possibility.

Big Step: Be someone. Your brand represents your core values in action. It’s not just your essence, but your heart beat. I highly recommend you get to Glen Campbell’s BrandHeart event as he totally gets the power of a well executed “Brandheart” can do for you and our business.


Nothing is missing...there’s no endings, only new beginnings.

Live Your Legacy,


P.S Due to problems with Facebook, I will be blogging and sharing more Conversations with Chen on a new service...check it out: http://bit.ly/stepupstore

P.P.S I have a confession for you. I really thought my brand and reputation would be shattered after the “failure” of the pow wow opportunity.

But I’m grateful for the feedback and support I have received which has allowed me to see it as a “lesson” and not a complete failure.

It just shows you that authenticity and the pursuit of truth allows you to deliver a message that inspires others to believe in themselves and express their core truth too. Thank you for your support.

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